Monday, March 30, 2009

A clarification in our application

It's been quite a while since we've posted any information since, quite frankly, there was nothing much to report. It appears that Kazakhstan has been receiving numerous applications from around the world. Our application is one of them! Processing times have slowed down due to the number of files in country. We are now entering our 8 month wait since our dossier has been registered in Petropavlovsk and have done a bit of soul searching since then. We've decided to change the wording in our application to make it clear that we would be willing to adopt a child under the age of 4 (in according with our provincial approval letter). Hopefully this will open the door. Yannik is now 5 and we would prefer it if our children could be closer in age. We're open to parenting a slightly older child who needs a family. It will have its challenges, but we're looking forward to the possibility of welcoming this child in our family. As we stated in our first post... this is a journey and part of the challenge is not exactly knowing what route to take take or where we will end up...but trusting that it will all work out!