Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My very own helmet!

Ah... much better... Now I can tag along with Yannik and explore the neighbourhood...ok, ok... so perhaps just a few feet beyond our driveway...for now!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Small girl, big helmet

There is just no stopping her... Annabelle loves to discover... even when she is not yet ready.. or rather, when her parents are not yet ready! She took us by surprise when she jumped on Yannik's old tricycle... and we had no helmet for her. No worries.. we'll simply put Yannik's smallest one.. That should do the trick... and so it did... making her more precious than ever. She was so happy to have graduated to a real bike.. how could we say no. Tomorrow, we get her a proper helmet ;0))

Step 1: Put on BIG helmet

Step 2: Give a cheer!

Step 3: Sit

Step 4: Go!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

This is sooooo goood!

An appreciation of "fine foods" runs in the family...Annabelle is just catching on to the rest of us. She seems to have gained a bit of weight during the holidays... unfortunately, so did we ;0))) She is slowly catching up...and is currently on somewhat of a growth spurt. Finally going up percentile by percentile on the famous growth chart....though am trying not to focus to much on it anymore. She went through some kind of fasting phase and am happy to report that she has rediscovered food!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mermaid in training...or simply pretty by the seashore...

Anna's first adventures in Muskoka's lakes....

Here I go....

Ah...but getting out of the water is even better when Papa holds me close:

Hmmm...perhaps it is better to just jump in fully dressed ;0)

Better yet, I'll just throw this wet stuff around...and get really dirty...more fun!

Petro gals of Canada!!

This was a very special family vacation as it was our first with Annabelle. She got to meet her cousins from England... spend time with her grandparents....and meet a very special little lady... Darya, also from Petro! It was so great to finally meet Kim (Darya's mom) and her family after corresponding via internet for such a long time. What a great afternoon, trading stories and just enjoying good company. Here are the Petro gals of Canada!!!

And...here is a picture of our Petro family reunion;

And finally... I love you too, big brother...Don't say another word ;-)