Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Good news and a second chance!

We just received word that our dossier will likely be forwarded to Petropavlovsk - at the very north of Kazakhstan, at the border with Russia. The agency said that it would confirm. As it turns out, a chatgroup friend adopted her daughter from there, so they will be a fountain of information I'm sure. We're of course really happy to have received the good news.. but this time around, perhaps a little bit cautious. We have been given a second chance - and hope to be successful this time around. Funny... kind of have a good feeling...hopefully it'a sign!

We also received news that some of the additional paperwork that we were missing on our original dossier was to be released from the Consulate today and sent directly to Kaz. Hopefully this will do the trick as well. The country had changed some of its criteria since we had applied and our dossier did not contain the new required wording... this has been addressed... so that's a relief. We'll post when we get additional information. Right now, we're busying ourselves with getting information on the city.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

A helping hand!

People can be so kind. The province is helping us out by quickly forwarding our paperwork to the agency. With this new paperwork, our dossier can be forwarded to the new region chosen for us once it gets translated. Hopefully this update will address any concerns. CAFAC is still waiting news from their in-country coordinator as to our new destination. We feel optimistic again as we are now moving forward. It helps so much knowing that others understand our situation and are helping us out. So... thank you to all of those who are helping us... we appreciate it. A helping hand from some... and friendly words of encouragement from others... it means the world to us...we couldn't do this journey alone... and we appreciate all the help along the way.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

In the meantime...

What keeps on going? We get to play with a great little pirate....merci Yannik pour les sourires....

Approved once again!!

Good news today...Our update was approved by the province. However.. we seem to be facing some delay. Looks like our update may only be sent to the agency beginning of September. So despite the good news.. we're a little bit disappointed. We should find out this week or next where our file will be transferred to. We are keeping fingers and toes crossed on this one. Other good news today.. a chatgroup friend currently in Uralsk just received custody of their 8 month old son and he is absolutely beautiful. It really sank in. This journey is definately very difficult at times... but will be worth it.. so, we're hanging on for the ride.... hopefully it will be smooth!