Saturday, August 9, 2008

A helping hand!

People can be so kind. The province is helping us out by quickly forwarding our paperwork to the agency. With this new paperwork, our dossier can be forwarded to the new region chosen for us once it gets translated. Hopefully this update will address any concerns. CAFAC is still waiting news from their in-country coordinator as to our new destination. We feel optimistic again as we are now moving forward. It helps so much knowing that others understand our situation and are helping us out. So... thank you to all of those who are helping us... we appreciate it. A helping hand from some... and friendly words of encouragement from others... it means the world to us...we couldn't do this journey alone... and we appreciate all the help along the way.


Uralsk said...

My name is Zhanar. I'm a student and I live in Uralsk.
Recently, I started my own business. My job is to show around the city, shopping, help in emergency situations, etc.
I will be glad to help you! Just contact me:
mob: 8 777 797 14 91
Sincerely, Zhanar

Gilles and Christine said...

Jocelyne and Sven, I think about you guys very often and pray that your agency finds a region for you...I guess it just meant your child was not in your original location...:-)

Keep the faith! Christine