Monday, July 14, 2008

A major "Bump in the Road"

This is a very difficult post to write. We were pretty shocked to find out today that the officials in Uralsk rejected our dossier and that we would have to re-submit our application to another region. We are told that it will delay our travel by 6-8 months as we prepare udpated documents. We're still hanging on to the hope that our daughter/sibling is out there waiting for us... we'll just have to be a tad more patient.


Alysa said...

I found your blog link on Ben and Suzette's blog. I am so sorry to hear your news. My heart goes out to you. Hopefully the reasons behind your dossier being rejected can be resolved and another region will work for you. Keep the faith and don't give up your dream of your baby girl.


Karen said...

I too am sorry to hear that you were bumped from Uralsk. We were there in March/April adopting our 5-year-old son. It seems the region has become very popular and the MOE has been flooded with dossiers.

Hang in there, your child is waiting for you somewhere else in Kazakhstan. Hoping you hear something soon.

qmiller said...

Sorry to read the news of your dossier, but your resilience in pursuing another region in admirable! Hang in will be so worth it!