Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Birthday date with Papa!

Annabelle turned 2 today!!! Unfortunately, she has caught a stomach bug which has impacted on today's celebrations. We couldn't take her out for pizza (her new favorite) or even indulge in some yummy birthday cake...Nonetheless, we found things to do to celebrate her special day. The girls met up with Sven at Tim's for a mid morning "date" and then hit the shops for some retail therapy. Hopefully we can organize a little get together over the weekend...but in the end, all that matters, is spending time together. Tonight, we are watching a Bunny movie (her pick!). Happy birthday little one!!!


Fawn and Michael said...

Happy birthday Annabelle! We followed your journey (x2)to find your beautiful daughter. She is just beaming in her picture and so happy. Our daughters are exactly 1 month apart and Adelyn toohas an older brother. This is such a great age. Congrats again on Annabelle's adoption. It is clear she was always meant to be in your family! Enjoy the birthday celebrations!
The Torcisi family
Adelyn (born in Karaganda 5/08)

The Robeys said...

Happy Birthday Annabelle! Hope you enjoy your first Canadian birthday with your family.

Chantal said...

Bonne fĂȘte Annabelle!! :-)

Sheila said...

Happy Birthday! Was great seeing you over Easter!
Sheila,Clarence,XiuZhu and Dastan

D and A said...

She's so beautiful. Happy birthday to your little one!