Thursday, May 27, 2010

Her hair is finally growing!

When we first saw a glimpse of Anna...oh long long ago (6 months ago), we noticed that what little hair she had was blond...but oh so fine...feathery. I'll always remember Cindy's comment while we were in Petro - wait, give it 6 months.. you'll already see a big change. Well...6 month's later..and her hair has's thicker.. and soon perhaps a pony tail (well...perhaps not!)..but we are encouraged with the change. Most importantly, it's a sign of health and good nutrition. Her pediatrician commented as such when he saw her. Another good friend commented on how much you can tell she has changed everytime I post a new picture and you compare it with our first family photo on the right....It really did hit me this time around. We've come a long way from no red foods and a bland diet! Six months since we met her.. feels like she has been with us forever!

PS - she is still obsessed with my glasses ;0)

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Diane said...

She has really blossomed!! Her face has filled out and you can see how much healthier she looks now....amazing what love, attention and good food can do.