Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cousins' zoo adventures

Cousins' animals aventures at the zoo can sometimes be scary for little ones... Annabelle enjoyed seeying animals with Adeline... but this scary monkey was a little too intimidating... Thankfully, the other monkeys were alot cuter!

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Andrea said...

Magnetic Hill is fabulous, isn't it? When I lived in Sackville I took my day camp charges to the zoo there one summer, and they adored it-- the lion seemed to be sizing our boys up for his lunch, though! It was a bit unnerving :P

I just found your blog today when I was doing a Sunday afternoon blog-hop . . . I'm in New Brunswick myself (Fredericton for now, at least until July of next year!) and I hope you won't mind me asking how you went about applying to adopt from Kaz. Was it an agency in Canada you used?