Thursday, October 14, 2010

Why do I have the impression she finds me amusing!

Here we are, heading to daycare...I am actually the one dropping off Annabelle for the first time today. We have begun what I thought would be a slooooooow transition, but Annabelle is doing amazing. Yesterday she had her first nap there. She has loads of fun, plays well and eats well. No complaints! However, Sven has been the one dropping her off since she was pretty clingy to me. Success!!! With a heavy heart, I waved bye and said I would see her in a few hours. It is so reassuring that she now feels safe enough with us to be left with others. To us, this means quite a lot in terms of attachment.

Now.. I just wished I knew what she was thinking with that little mischievious smile she is giving me...

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Lou Ann said...

It's wonderful to see how well she's doing! And that look - I think you'll be getting that look for years to come Mom!

Blessings to your family,
Lou Ann & Lexie too