Sunday, March 2, 2008

The waiting game!

Having completed our home study and it having gone through all of the administrative steps here in Canada, our dossier is currently at the Kazakhstan Consulate since late November. We were told that generally, the Consulate General forwards the dossier within 2 months. For us, it will be a longer wait...we are now at the 3 month mark and hoping that the Consulate will be forwarding our dossier any day. Our agency is on top of things and we are now anxiously awaiting news that it's been sent. No easy task. It will make the world to us knowing that our dossier will be overseas... In the meantime, we are busying ourselves obviously with our 4 year old and trying to get as much information as possible on Kazakhstan, travel, etc. and trying to match up with other families who are adopting from there.

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