Monday, March 3, 2008


We just received news that our dossier has finally been sent overseas. We're so excited! I yelled Youppi and our little guy asked what the fuss was about. It's a tad difficult explaining all of these steps to a 4 year old... but he was just happy because we seemed so excited.

It's one step closer to meeting our baby girl. What a fantastic way to start off the week. Now begins the next phase... waiting until our dossier is registered in Kazakhstan. This will probably take a few months. We will next be notified when our file is released (i.e officially registered in a region) and from which region of the country we will be adopting our baby girl and possibly a sibiling.

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Matthew and Suzanne said...

Yeah! Congrats! Big and great news for you and you should be really excited and pleased. I've been following your blog and I thought it was time to chime in. We are also a waiting Kaz family.

incidentally, the link didnt work for me and I don't know why but those were some great phrases.

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