Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lost in translation, she's speaking Swedish! Far-Far and Far-Mor (Sven's parents) will be proud. Lately, Sven and I have been calling Annabelle "lille kikka" - Swedish slang for "little girl". Today, she just began shouting it out proudly with a big smile on her face.

Delay in language? What delay? She just needed someone to speak to her!!! When we first met her, Anna did not speak. During our bonding, she began babbling along and saying Maman, Papa and Yaya (for Yannik). Now, she is picking up new words in foreign languages for her (French, English and now Swedish) every week! Sometimes, it takes us a few days to figure out what she is actually saying. She had been saying what I thought was pita for over a week...Yesterday, I finally figured it out.. Pizza!!! Of course, our favorite food ;0))) that explains the jumping up and down as she says it. I had thought, she ever excited about pita ;0))

Keep talking Anna... we are here to listen!!!

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Michele said...

In order to learn to speak, you do need to have someone model what language sounds like but more importantly it takes someone to listen and respond to what you say. Annabelle needed the three of you to listen to voice for her to know that speaking had value.
So happy your little kikka is doing so well and enjoying Pizza, it is usually a red food isn't it?????? LOL