Monday, June 28, 2010

Our little "French" fashionista

Merci Tantie Yael.... my special outfit from Paris FINALLY fits me... I must be growing though I tell Maman that I am just a baby, not a big girl ;0))

Contrary to most kids, Anna desperately wants to remain a baby....probably because she wants to regain some of the precious baby moments with Maman and Papa. She proudly points to herself as says bebe, then Maman et Papa. I tell her big girl and she responds..nah.....bebe! She knows her place in the family! Don't worry... big or small, you'll alway remain our little one, Anna. If you want to remain "little" for the time being, we will certainly indugle. I don't blame you one bit!!! We want to hold on to those precious baby moments too... (well, perhaps except the diaper changing ;0)))


Diane said...

oooh an outfit from Paris, how very special, and beautiful too.

Ciera at age 5 still very much enjoys the baby moments....although I do now get told "I don't need help" but 3 minutes later she wans to be held.

Deb said...

And a beautiful baby she is in her pretty outfit! My "baby" turned 36 yesterday! They will always be your babies, but enjoy these days to the goes by in the blink of an eye!

Yael said...

You look so pretty Annabelle! As my mother used to say, it is not just the outfit but how you wear it that makes the difference...and you certainly seem to know how to wear it Annabelle!!!! Bisous de Paris, Tatie Yael