Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Listening to Scooby in Russian while waiting to be matched

We are still in the waiting stage despite today's meeting. Hopefully things will fall into place very soon.

Today we ventured out again by ourselves for a little bit. Yannik's DS isn't working without a proprer converter so we were looking for an alternative source of entertainment. We found a nice computer games stores and were impressed by the prices so Sven bought 3 games...Well...let's just say that Scooby Doo in Russian is a tad more challenging ;0)) Thankfully they have played a similar game before so they are catching some clues. It's really neat to hear Scooby talk in Russian for sure!!! We are beginning to catch some Russian words here and there...perhaps the game will actually help us out! I'm really impressed with Sven's ability to quickly catch on to the Russian alphabet..Our little Franklin Oral Translator is pretty handy as well too!

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