Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Sorry for the delay in posting. We have not yet begun bonding with a particular child and actually will be meeting a child this morning. In the meantime, we are getting familiar with our surroundings, Kazak culture and the city of Petro. We really like our interpretor, Irina... in whom Yannik has found a friend. He is so comfortable with her that he actually took her by the hand and made a lovely card for her today ;0)) She's quite pretty... he has good taste! (He is as always, ever so charming with the ladies). Today we went back to the park. It was a beautiful sunny day and quite warm: 31 degrees...It's actually been warm and sunny since we have arrived. Irina is making sure that we are entertained while we wait. I jumped for joy as she showed us a coffee house that more than met my "exceptations...hum...addiction". For those familiar with the area: Black Jacks. We would def. recommend it. We also had this amazing Napoleon cake. I really don't know how the women here remain so thin...the food is great! Their "national bread" taste to us like donuts! One curious thing...Irina has taken us to a few restaurants so far and we are always the only customers. I'll have to inquire about that. We went to a pizza house (again...feeding another addiction!) which looked like an IKEA showroom (Sven felt right at home!) and had an inflatable playground for Yannik to run around in. He was more than happy!

Again, for those familiar with Petrop, our apartment is situated between the Iceberg complex and Constitutional street which makes it great for walking about the city. We're starting to feel at home though I have to admit, having great difficulty sleeping. We're now on our 6th day and I wake up at 3 am every single night... and then can't get back to sleep.

By the Chantal - we are now addicted to Two and Half Men ;0)) It provides great laughter therapy! Alexis - you'll have to tell Duncan that "Batman rules"...it's all Yannik wants to watch these days...

As for packing, yes.. we brought way too much stuff. Everything (and Carm - yes everything!) is available here...just slightly different. It's fun finding stuff. We have yet to try some interesting things (Rachel and Stephanie - they have lobster and crab flavoured chips - I thought of Terry and your dad, Steph). I'll try to bring some back! By the way... the chocolate: amazing! and we all crave the apple juice!

Well... this turned out to be a longer post than expected because of my insomnia. Sven worked till the wee hours of the morning..it's like we switch shifts. At least Yannik has adjusted well and sleeps very well.

Finally - message to Lyne and Philippe: Wishing you a safe journey home and all the best as you begin this new chapter of your family life. Yannik is missing Gabriel and talks about playing with him once we are back in New Brunswick.

Much love...will try to get back to sleep...I'll have Sven post pictures tomorrow morning. xxo


Kim Moorhead said...

Oh I love the pizza house!!!! Have you been to the Slovak Inn yet, they have awesome food!!!
You have to try 2 types of salads, the potato called "Olivier" and the spicy carrot salad!
I think they are all thin because they walk a lot and the food is not all full of preservatives and processed, you won't find a M&M Meat shop there!! :-)
Best Wishes today and keep us posted!!!

Jennifer M said...

I love BlackJack! That was one of our favorite places! That and Arabika on Constitution. That was another great coffee place, but BlackJack was definitely a fav.

Also there is a great Italian restaurant on Constitution. It's right across from the Museum. And I agree with Kim on the Slovak Inn too.

Have you seen this website?


It's a Google map of lots of great places in Petro.

Sounds like you guys are having a great time. I hope your visit today has a wonderful outcome.