Sunday, July 19, 2009

merci Maman et Papa!!!

There has been quite a bit of running around these past few days. We wouldn't have been able to get everything organized without my parents. They came up for a few days to give up a helping hand. They cleaned, scrubbed, mowed the lawn, looked after Yannik, etc to allow us to pack and cross off alot of items off my famous lists!! Un gros gros merci!!! Thanks also to all of our friends and family for your support...those who have been inviting Yannik for a few hours, lending us everything but the kitchen sink for our trip. We are very touched by your willingness to help us out.

Now...for those of you who know me too famous lists... is a pic of what Sven has been dealing with ;0)) (and actually getting items crossed off as well!) I developped this rather nasty habit at work...and now Sven appreciates them...or not ;0))


Cindy LaJoy said...

Love the lists, and have had them myself in the past! It is the ONLY way to stay organized during such an important time. We too are adopting from Petro, hoping to travel in the fall (older children) so I will be following along with great interest!

Kim Moorhead said...

Hope you guys have a safe flight! I will be following your journey everyday! I am so happy your day has finally come !!! Email us if you have any questions about Petro and please send our love to Dr. Rimma!!!! She should remember us since we are the only other Canadians to ever go to Petro!
Can't wait to hear all the news :-) -)
Kim, Shane, Dasha and Max