Saturday, July 25, 2009

Waiting At the Airport

Today we leave for Petropavlovsk. The flight was supposed to leave at 9:20 am but is delayed tentatively until 1:45 pm. So right now we are hanging out at the Astana airport, trying to kill time. Jocelyne had taken the 'happy pills' already and is right now asleep on the bench. This is a very nice and clean airport, we found some space to hang out. Yannik is right now looking at episodes of Batman on the portable DVD.

Yesterday's post was brief because the Internet Cafe's computers would not save the data to the blog post. We had a very wonderful day with the Theriault family. Astana has alot of futuristic architecture. We took alot of photos and I hope to post them on the blog when able, so stay tuned. After posting yesterday's blog, we ate at a restaurant called 'Ali Baba'. We had ordered pasta and it was very good. The waiters and waittresses dressed in morrocan(?) costumes and we sat at a low table with no chairs so we sat on the floor. surrounded by cushions. The walk to the restaurant was very enjoyable. On the way, we saw kids playing at what seemed like a play park (there are plenty of those in Kaz too), we were told that they are exercise equipment! We found the people here very friendly with a sense of humour. They seem to be amused by us 'lost' tourists.

I'm going to head back now to see how Jocelyne is doing.

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