Monday, March 1, 2010

Go Canada go!!

Annabelle got her first taste of REAL canadiana last night... screaming parents cheering on the Canadian Hockey Team to gold. She probably thought... what is going on with these usually laid back folk... but by the time Crosby made his memorable shot, she was clapping enthousiastically as well!!! Anna has been a member of our family now for some weeks now....but now really understand what is means to be Canadian ;0))) (you go crazy for hockey!)

Her word of the week: Canada...probably because maman has been yelling it at the TV all week.

She has shown keen interest in ice dance as well as hockey and just grins and waves at all the "friends" on the TV. As we were watching the closing ceremonies and seeying the Russian presentation of Soshi, we thought how beautiful it is to see the world come together (as cliche as that sounds)...For us, as a family of Swedish, French, Kaz/Russian ethnicities, seeying those flags together had special meaning.

Lastly....proud to be Canadian, Anna...but more importantly, proud to be your parents!

We have decided not to post publically we begin our real family life. I plan on making the blog private in a few weeks. I was able to transfer the blog into a book for Annabelle as a gift to her when she is older...I really wanted to do that for her. For those still interested in receiving updates on our private blog, please e-mail us and I'll send you an invitation. You have time...I'll wait a couple of weeks...just reach us by hitting the CONTACT US button. Thanks everyone for reading and for your support while we were meant the world to us to know that we were surrounded by people who cared for our family when we felt so isolated and homesick... Thank you....Merci, Tack sa mycket and Spasiba!!!

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tac said...

Thank you for letting us follow your story. We used blurb to create a book from our adoption blog. While it was a bit tedious to format the book the way we wanted it to look, it is a wonderful keepsake of how Grace joined our family.

Enjoy your lives as a family of 4.