Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Our Little Fashionista

Today, Annabelle and I went shopping to check out the new spring fashions. Our little gal has quite the fashion sense. I tried on a few tops and she would say "da" or "non". Well...the sales clerk must have thought what is going on in that changing room.. Ot one point, she adamantly said "non, non", shaking her head very excitedly. Must admit...she was right..did nothing for my complexion ;0))) I laughed so hard... and then she did. We were making tons of noise.

Yael told me that I now have little girlfriend to go shopping with... I agree... I will follow her fashion sense..she has more than I do.

Only she could get away with this outfit ;0))) She reminds me of Pippi Longstockings/Fifi Brindacier who Yannik loves so much ;0) A Kaz girl with a touch of Swedish and French...perfect! As for the other pic,...she is just a happy kid!


Diane said...

Too cute....just wait in 3 years the objections over what to wear become much more vocal and involve tears...sometimes your and sometimes hers :-)

The Robeys said...

She is just too cute for words. LOVE the outfit! She looks like she is adjusting beautifully.

Tara said...

She looks adorable in that hat! What a fantastic outfit.

Now that I am getting close to my last week here I was thinking of following your lead and buying a few hats and pieces of clothing that I can bring out over the next couple of years.