Monday, March 15, 2010

Progress report!

Well... it appears that little Anna is packing on the pounds! She has gained 2 lbs in 3.5 weeks, has grown at least 3-4 cm and her head circumference has increased significantly as well in that short period of time. Life in Canada must be agreeying with her... or perhaps it is discovering ice cream!!! But, for, little Anna, eat! She is still not on the chart in terms of weight for North American standards ...but is now well over the 25% in height. Our little one is growing before our very eyes.

She is still refusing to eat anything red... which is ironic since according to the doctors in Petro she is allergic to red foods. I try to convince her...She shows curiousity but then vigorously shakes her head when I present her with the offensive bit of red or pink food.

Word of the day: frère (brother) which she has been screaming all day along much to our delight. I catch her practicing sounds quite a bit and then she grins at me since she is so proud of herself. It is incredible to see her developping and learning so much, so quickly.

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