Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Memories from childhood....

When cleaning out Annabelle's closet last evening, I came across this little treasure, purchased way back.....while waiting for one littlest one. I had a very similar one growing up and couldn't pass it up - I think I got it at a yard sale. I had put it away after our first unsuccessful trip as it was too painful.... and forgot about it!

Knowing Annabelle's new fondness of jewels, I thought it would be a nice surprise. And it was... She is completely mesmerized by the ballerina. Perhaps we have some ballet lessons in the near future ;0)

Language update... The last remnants of Russian seem to be fading away. Ironically, Sven and I are sad to see the "da" (yes) be replaced by "oui". I have been working at improving her vocabulary and it seems to be working. She is repeating everything these days...I used to mark down every single word she learned.. now I have completely lost count.

In other news, our dear friends from Paris are currently in Petro, on day 2 of bonding with a beautiful little girl and no doubt, a future little friend to Annabelle!! Like us, it took a bit of patience.. did I just say " a bit"...??? ok... a whole lot of patience.. but they have just met the newest member of their family and we are simply overjoyed!!!

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