Saturday, September 11, 2010

A serious little girl no longer....

Guess who is now the comedian in the family! Annabelle loves to tease. It's amazing to see how radiant she has become. She is a little girl full of laughter. I was struck by how I had described her as a serious little girl in our first post after meeting her!

In retrospect, perhaps we mistook saddeness for seriousness...

She radiates pure sunshine these days....A serious little longer!

PS - We found a "mate" for our bouncy Kazak appears that Annabelle enjoys this one as well!

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keoghclan said...

I have not been on your blog for a while. How the kiddies have, life looks to be good for you guys as a family of 4. Lots of fun. Anna does look wonderful, I laughed at your comment about you thinking she was serious when you first met her, and now you know different. These wee ones just bloom dont they? I remember Orins care taker at the BH telling us she would always remember him as a quiet, shy, good baby, very easy going.........hah! There were so many times when we were through the terrible 2s and 3s with him I so wanted to be able to say to his care taker - take a look at this kid - not at all what you described!!