Friday, September 10, 2010

Our first night out!!!

We finally took the plunge and took a little bit of time for ourselves... a big step...perhaps more for the parents than for little Anna. We came home to happy kids quietly reading with their new best friend, with huge grins on their face. Annabelle did great!!! and was just happy to see us...She had nodded her head when I told her we would be back in a few hours...She understood!!! This is such a big relief for us....She must begin to realize that we won't be leaving her behind.. she's stuck with us.. .and seems rather happy with the situation ;0)

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Michele said...

Congratulations on a successful date night.
What a wonderful picture of Annabelle. She changes in each picture. Yannick looks older, but generally the same, but Annabelle looks like a totally different child.