Thursday, September 16, 2010

A new grin!

For those of you who noticed Yannik's peculiar smile of late....he was anxiously waiting for his baby teeth to fall out. His new front teeth had come in while the others had yet to fall out and were overlapping. I just noticed that he is grimacing in some of the pictures lately, especially the one on his first day of school. That being said, I asked him to show off his new adult teeth. Tu es beau comme un coeur, Yannik!!!

Let's just say that Annabelle played a major role in how those two stubborn front baby teeth finally fell out ;0))) A good head butt does the trick everytime!!! Have never seen a sibling so happy to receive a blow in the face before. Annabelle was so happy with herself since Yannik gave her the biggest hug. I just have to make sure that she understand that she can't do that again!!!!She now thinks she was helping out.. and she did... but it's a one shot only deal ;0)))

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