Sunday, November 21, 2010

Anna's reaction when seeying Santa in the parade...on TV!

Toronto's Annual Santa Clause Parade was quite a hit.. Squeels of delight, clapping and dancing....boy... I can't wait to see her reaction when he passes right in front of our door!!! The New Maryland firemen host a charity drive with a small Santa parade that goes in every neighbourhood. Two years ago, Santa was so delighted with Yannik's reaction that he jumped off his float and came to our front door to say hello. It's so funny to see Annabelle react this way to Santa Clause... but I really do think that the orphanage made Christmas extra special for the children... Sadly, I wonder if this was one of Anna's only really special time and that is why she reacts so strongly to him. You can bet that we will make this Christmas special...but not because of Santa... new memories of family to enjoy!!!

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