Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Petro gal knows her stuff

I found this hat at a local discount store and just couldn't stop laughing... Sven thought it reminded him of Petro and at $4 we thought it would be fun. When I got home and showed it to Anna and said... so, what does this remind you of?... do you think I can pull it off? She immediately burst out laughing and said "Nooooooooo" and then thought it was the funniest thing. We all roared when Sven said "well, Annabelle, you know the real fur from the fake don't you!" and she just burst out laughing with him again! In any event.. I will still proudly wear my $4 hat to keep me warm... but...here is a reminder of the beautiful one in Petro... I agree with Anna... there REALLY is no comparison is there! As I am taking out our winter gear for the season ahead, I am nostalgic of those beautiful Petro hats....but certainly not of that bitter cold!

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Mel L. said...

Actually I really like the hat. :)

PS. I know you through Diane Saurette. Trina Q sent me your blog and I think its wonderful! I have been blogging since 2006. You will have to check it out sometime. www.melnicklawson.blogspot.com