Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The First Time Ever We Saw Your Face

Petite Belle,
One year ago today, Papa, Maman and Yannik anxiously waited in a small office at the Baby House, holding our breathes until the nurse brought you in... the most beautiful little girl we had ever seen, sweet, delicate and shy. I had been so nervous until I looked up and met those gorgeous blue eyes of yours and my heart melted. It's a moment that we will never forget. I remember the first time I saw your Papa's smiling face, the first time Yannik opened his eyes... and the first time you looked up at me. The most cherished moments are the simplest ones. In lots of ways, it still feels like yesterday... yet a whole year as just flown by. You remain a pretty in pink little girl, just like the first time we saw you... but we like to think that there is now a sparkle in your eyes.

It's the first important anniversary to mark... with another one at Christmas. We've had so many unforgettable firsts this year little one, but the most cherished one remains... the first time ever we saw your face!

We love you Annabelle,
Papa, Maman et Yannik


Scott and Paula said...

Happy Meetcha Day Oborn Family!! =)

Diane said...

So sweet, you made me cry!
She does have a twinkle in her eyes now.