Tuesday, November 30, 2010

She admires... from afar!

Annabelle was so excited to see Pere Noel that she ran right up to him and began saying Poupee and Zhu zhu pet. I thought wow.... not scared of him at all... let's get a picture taken... Well... it's one thing to happily recite the most wanted toys on your wish list.. it's another to actually want to stay on his lap. Sven and I ended up having to be both in the picture and she never once cracked a smile....That's ok Annabelle... I think that Santa has fond memories of your visit in any event!


minime0910 said...

My daughter is CLAUS-trophobic as well!!! I think the picture is much more special with all of you in it!!! ~Erin (mom to Hannah, 16 mos, adopted from Shymkent 3/5/10)

Lisa said...

I'm with Erin :)

It took our Kaz. princess years...I mean years...to work up the courage to grace Santa's lap; now our little guy? No fears! LOL

Go figure!

And at any rate the photo is darling as is the story behind it!