Saturday, November 13, 2010

Our nod to Petro

A year ago, we were frantically getting prepared to travel to the land of fur... Petro's residents wored it so beautifully...hats, coats, boots and yes, dresses! I couldn't pass this latest Kijiji buy.. It seemed well "fitting" for Annabelle to have a taste of fur....fake fur that is ;0) She certainly pulls it off.. The women of Petro had such a great style... they made everything look beautiful and effortless... Annabelle is a Petro gal after all and I hope that she will always remain a Petro gal at heart!

Then....while out Christmas shopping... we found this amazing print for Anna's room. It was just too perfect. We are really trying to mix both worlds so that she can appreciate her roots once a bit older. But let's face it, I want her little girl's room to be fun and whimsical...just like her! (I would love to find some Babushka fabric... if anyone knows where to find some, could you please e-mail us.)


Scott and Paula said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the painting!! Where did you find it? That would also be perfect for Cecelia's room.

As far as the fabric goes, I've never seen it in stores but know of a lot of people on that sell all kinds of stuff made with it. Hope this helps! =)

Tina said...

I just bought some fleece at a store called Hancocks. I'm going to make blankets with it. I live in South Carolina so I don't know where to tell you to find it there. My little one, who will be 3 this month, is from Karaganda.