Sunday, August 16, 2009

Back home!

We arrived safely back home and are trying to adjust to the 9 hour difference again! Thanks everyone for your e-mails and comments. We have no doubt that we will be going back soon...and we left some of our suitcases in Petro. Packing will be easier this time around!!!


Baby Kaz Moore said...

I'm smiling after reading your post!!! I look forward to cheering you along as you bring home your child....and your suitcase! Best wishes from Susan, Austin, Texas

Scott and Paula said...

So glad that you made it home safely.
I truly hope that this time goes quickly for you and that before you know it, you're on your way back to Petro!!


Becki Stone said...

I'm glad you made it home safe and sound! Hopefully you get your call to go back soon! Take care!

Jennifer M said...

You left your suitcases in Petro?! That's awesome! Glad to hear you for sure will be going back. Can't wait!

keoghclan said...

Sorry to hear trip 1 did not turn out as you hoped BUT you are right - next time will be a charm.

Looking forward to hear about the next steps.

Jo said...

Prenez votre souffle et reposez-vous. C'est le temps d'avoir du plaisir. Je suis contente que vous ĂȘtes revenus sains et saufs.

Pat and Alli said...

I hope you will be traveling back to Kazakhstan soon.

Best wishes!

Becki Stone said...

I was just thinking about you today and wondered how you are! Do you know when you are going back to Kaz or have you already gone back?