Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Trip to Petro's birch forest

Today, our gracious hosts took us for a short drive to see their beautiful birch forest. It was a gorgeous afternoon, sunny and hot, and the forest was beautiful. It was so peaceful. According to our driver, Alexander, it's a popular place to go to pick mushrooms! We also visited their river since it's a tad out of the city. Saw a few people out fishing...which explains the fresh fish that we see at the market (Kaz is landlocked so I wondered about the fish!)

Tomorrow we meet up with our coordinator, Svetlana, to discuss our options and see how she can help us out. Will keep you posted.

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Diane said...

I'm sure it must be very hard waiting but keep thinking "our child is waiting", when all is said and done you will have the child that is meant to be yours.

Keeping you in my thoughts,