Thursday, August 6, 2009

Meeting with Svetlana

Today, we finally met Svetlana, our coordinator, to discuss our current situation, time frames and options. Tomorrow, she will be meeting with the officials in Petro to discuss our file. I guess we had hit a bit of bad luck, so hopefully we can all work together towards a solution. She is also looking into transferring our application to another region if it comes to that. We really like Petro...but we are prepared to travel to another region if there is a child available. Please think of us while we wait.

I took advantage of more down time today to go out and do a little bit of souvenir shopping...and I wasn't disappointed! Yannik and I also went for a walk to feed the pigeons until they got overly enthousiastic and scared him off. (well...actually, they kind of scared me too!!)


Scott and Paula said...

Will be praying for you guys that there's a happy ending to all of this whether you can stay in Petro or go to another region!
The perfect child for your family is out there, they just need to look a little harder to find him or her!!

Pat and Alli said...

Sending good thought and prayer your way and hoping that you will meet your new child soon.

Best wishes

leblanmt said...
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leblanmt said...

On continue de vous envoyer des ondes positives!

Kim Moorhead said...

We have all of our fingers and toes crossed for you guys!