Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The iceberg complex

Grocery shopping is always an adventure at the Iceberg! What foods will we discover today! Actually, there are hundreds of little shops over 4 stories in this complex. It's a real maze and I have to admit to a few anxiety attacks thinking that I had gotten lost in there, unable to find my way out. Shops in Petro consists of many little 12 by 12 rooms, filled from floor to ceiling. Some of them carry the goods behind a glass counter, so you need to ask for the item (not good if you can't speak Russian) or you need to enter (even more intimidating!). Didn't think I'd hear myself ever say this...but I hate shopping! ;0) (or more accurately, I'm too intimdated to shop).

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ethan said...

We tried to buy cookies one day from one of those little shops and when the sales lady realized we only spoke English she turned her back to us and put a sign up that we think said "closed" in Russian. I never braved those little shops again!!
Mary Collier
(adopted from Petro in the spring)