Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The waiting game

Unfortunately, we still do not have good news to report. Yesterday's visit at the baby house has left us with more questions than answers at this point. We may have one possible lead, but it is yet to early to tell. If not, we are looking into other options, including perhaps relocating to another region if we cannot be matched with a child that meets the description in our approval letter. As you can imagine, it's a pretty difficult situation though we were trying to remain optimistic and yes patient...(as my mom keeps reminding me...perhaps not my strongest attribute!)

Some of the children we have met here will always remain in our hearts although we know that we are not able to parent them. Please think of them...

Well...as you might have noticed, this has turned into more of a travel blog than an adoption blog for the time being. (hopefully, this soon will be rectified!)...So, for now...:

Norway again? We went back to our fav coffee house on Constitution Ave this morning and had a lovely conversation in ENGLISH!! with the owner. He said that he had noticed us walking along the pedestrian street during the weekend and thought....yup, foreigners! Now...I believe in trying to fit in...so Sven and I had his converation over the weekend... I feel like the women especially are looking at me.... and I think I might have figured it out. The very same thing happened in Norway. Sven...ever so Swedish...had fit in perfectly of course ;0)) I, on the other hand, was considered a gipsy because of the long curly brown hair. I think the same thing is happening here. We noticed that no one here has curly hair. (and it's been looking so lovely since we arrived ;0)) Or...perhaps it's only the fact that I'm actually wearing walking shoes as opposed to stylish high heals to deal with the unreal pot holes and unforgiving sidewalks!

Other odd tidbits:

- Security in stores. I find it always unnerving having so many security guards around...in the most unusual places: the bread stores, the stationary stores... but none at the high end stores! Can't figure it out.

- You tend to order a litre of juice at a restaurant as opposed to individual glaces... can't fault the system... you certainly do get alot more for your money!!

- black mud...or "goo" as Yannik calls it. The weather is strangely tropical here. A beautiful sunny day turns into a downpour in a matter of minutes. The amount of rain able to fall within a few minutes is unreal...and then, you have to contend with the aftermath...the deep black mud than stain your feet! We actually had to buy Yannik some serious footwear this morning to contend with it.

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