Saturday, February 6, 2010

Annabelle is officially home!

Hmmm...though not in her bed ;0)) Must say, she loved her room, but the prospect of staying in there by herself was a little too much for her. I was so exhausted that I didn't notice that both kids climbed in with us. Our flights went overhall much much better than I could have hoped for. On the first, our dear friends, Yael and JC, were sitted next to us...what are the chances!!! Annabelle complained loudly when the plan was descending. I learned my lesson for the second... and she slept the entire 9 hour flight!!! What more could I have asked for....except that she wasn't too tired when she got home at midnight;0)) Too much excited stuff to take in.

The NKaz NB contigent was at the airport to welcome us back hom... What a wonderful surprise. Thank you so much guys for making Annabelle's home coming so special. We can't wait to get together and get the kids to play with each other.

When we got home, my parents had cleaned the house and had prepared a little celebration...Christmas, birhthday, homecoming , all were all thrown together... just like it would have on Dec. 25th... an Acadian reveillon!!!...complete with meatpie...and yes birthday cake for Yannik and me ;0))

Anna seems to like her new surroundings... I imagine that she will be exploring for the next few days. I am so happy that she got to meet both sets of grandparents, Sven's in Toronto and mine here. She keeps nodding her head and saying da da (yes, yes) she must agree that this is all good ;0)))


Pat and Alli said...

Welcome home Annabelle :)

Yael said...

Happy to hear you arrived well after such a long flight...sorry I forgot to leave you the Paris Match! We are on our way to the Alps on Monday, we waned to have a chance to wear all our winter gear!

Michele said...

Welcome to Canada Annabelle!
So glad you had a good trip home and that Annabelle was able to meet with both sets of grandparents.
On to real life!

How many times have you been to TimHortens so far?

Julian and Sara said...

Bienvenue a Canada. And welcome Annabelle.

Congratulations on finishing your quest. Now the real journey can commence.

All the best from our part of the country.

Kim Moorhead said...

Yeeehhhawwww, welcome home!!!!!!!