Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More paperwork!

Ahhhh...thought this part would finally be over...but it's not. Today, we had to apply for medicare, social insurance number, maternity benefits and yes...getting my driver's licence renewed since it had expired!!!

Back to the grind...more or less. We are still struggling big time with the jet lag. The four are us are getting us at 3-4 am and then falling asleep at 6 pm....Hopefully things will settle by the end of the week. At least the suitcases are unpacked...though everything is all around the house. For those visiting, please forgive the mess... I put stuff away and then turn around, and it's back on the floor thanks to my little helper ;0)

Ah...good to be back home DESPITE the paperwork!!! Feels somewhat surreal... Sven and I drove around town yesterday running errands, getting our cherished Tim's coffee, vsiting friends at work, enjoying the mild weather!!! and life in Kaz seems so far away...

It's good to be back....but a little part of us is still in Kaz!!! (ah ha ha... or at least our biological clocks are still on Kaz time!)

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Lori said...

Your daughter is precious! Congratulations on your new little one. We have 2 cuties from Kazakhstan and just recently found your blog. I wanted to share with you that our 12 month old son at the time was also labeled with a sugar allergy. Our international adoption doctor told us that you can not be allergic to sugar as it is not a protein. In addition, he has seen several children with this diagnosis and most of the children are not allergic to anything except an additive used in Kazakhstan that we do not use in food in the US. Our son has been home for almost a year and has not shown any signs of a food allergy. Congratulations!