Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Anxiously waiting for news from Moscow...stay tuned!

What we know at this hour: The plane was on schedule and Zhanara's husband was at the Embassy at 10 am (he had until 11 am to get there)....No other news....we should know later on this evening whether Anna was granted her entry visa....Hearts are racing as you can imagine....

So...what does one do to pass time when you're excited and nervous....? You go souvenir shopping with Zhanara (and had great fun!) and then go play at the shopping centre hopefully one last time before leaving.

Doesn't Kaz have the cutest toys!!! We love them... am so happy that we managed to get one of those little donkies/zebra toy to bring home. That one will never be sold at the local yard's a keeper ;0)

We'll post the minute we get news... In the meantime, I am hopeful and will begin packing again. I'll post our itinerary when it is confirmed... I think we arrived in Toronto around 4:30 pm on Friday before catching our flight to Fredericton at 9:00 pm.

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