Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Outing at the Eurasia

As we wait for some of our documents to be finalized today, Sven and I decided to take the kids to Eurasia for some little treats, you can tell from the pics. The gals chose boots (Anna's are traditional Russian boots - Zhanara told me the name but I have forgotten) and the boys, chocolate... Couldn't resist "Choco Boy".

Dominic - you will be proud of Sven....he negotiated down at the souvenir shop!

Interesting item we came across : a coffee mug with Kanada and then some other word...and then...the symbol...Marijuana..."Canadian Marijuana" We laughed... Sven said...so, that is what they think of Canadians here... Hmmm... we do have a reputation around the word as being the "friendly" Canadians!

We are making by with our little stroller...but once again, guess who had it right in the picture!

Finally...that zebra toy in the previous post has been purchased ;0)) Thanks for the tip...The shop person deflated it for us. Both Anna AND Yannik love it.


Lou Ann said...

I'm so glad you got to bring home a Kazakh Zebra. I know it's a treasure Lexie will be giving to her daughter. Safe travels home!!!

Lou Ann & Lexie too

The Robeys said...

I could use those boots of yours right now in snowy Maryland. They're pretty awesome looking.