Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Thanks to our city guide and new friend!

Many thanks, Zhanara, for making us feel so at home in your beautiful city and for taking such good care of us. We had lots of fun discovering Astana and bring home many fond memories...and really funky souvenirs thanks to you!

Thanks also to Murat, who travelled to Moscow yesterday for us and delivered not only our precious entry visa for Anna,but also a beautiful traditional Russian dress for her.

I love this picture of the girls...especially of sweet litlle Annabelle, who "struck a pose" for the camera ;0)) Yes...she's a hoot....

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Diane said...

I was checking foir updates and realized "oh my gosh they are in the air coming home now!!!", you must be very tired but ever so happy. I hope that once you settle back in at home you post an update, I'm going to miss checking in on you everyday!!!

I hope the flights went well and that you settle into home well, Anna goes right down in her new bed, and you all have a great nights sleep in your own beds!!!