Saturday, February 13, 2010

Our First Month Anniversary

Yesterday, Feb. 12th, marked the one month anniversary of Annabelle being in our custody! Wow, time flies feels like forever. We can't get over how much changes we have gone through and how much progress little Anna has made in the last month. We celebrated by going to our favorite pizza place, Pizza Delight (no more Pizza House!)....and it was a hit. During the course of supper as we were laughing and teasing each other, I felt we were finally a family...not four people travelling around the world or trying to get accustomed to each other...just a typical family having a nice celebratory supper together... ah.....feels good!


Dean and Janie said...


So glad to see your family doing so well. It seemed like you were in Kaz a long, long time. :) Anna is beautiful and seems very happy. Blessings to you and your family!


Philippe said...

OMG Anna looks like Sven on the picture of both of them! Too cute! So nice to see pictures of you guys and to hear all is well!