Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Documentation update

Anna has her passport and can now leave Kazakshtan!!!! Now....let's hope that she can enter Canada. Zhanara is going to Moscow tomorrow to get her entry visa. Cross your fingers and your toes...we noticed a slight discrepancy in some paperwork that is making us nervous and nobody has yet to answer our inquiries. Hopefully our province can help us sort it out before the application is processed tomorrow morning.


Diane said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for the paperwork processing.

Seeing the pictures of Astana has inspired me, when I am in Karaganda I now want to take a side trip to Astana, one sunday (are the shops open on Sunday??), it looks incredible and will be a change from Karaganda for Ciera.

Philippe said...

Everything is crossed! We really want to see you in Canada soon!
PS I would love to see a picture of the Eurasian mall if you have one!
PSS To previous blogger, everything is open all the time even on Sundays - they never really close even on holidays!

Michele said...

I too will keep my fingers crossed.

You said you will stop over in Toronto. How long will you be here? Would there be a chance to come say hello? Let us know. After following your blog since the summer I feel that we already friends.