Sunday, February 7, 2010

Jet lagged but happy

We slept all afternoon on Sat. and Annabelle woke up very "happily" at 2 AM...wish I could say the same....This is what we have been up to: not much settling in as Anna is busily finding every corner of her new surroundings. Yannik was the happiest kid yesterday since he met up with his close friends and neighbours for all afternoon...he couldn't stop talking. He is also "getting acquainted" with what Santa had left you can imagine the chaos at the house right now... thankfully my parents are here helping us out... thanks mam and papa....we appreciate it!!!

Some pics as we TRY to settle in....

- Spasiba Trina...the stroller is a hit... Spasiba ma tante was the cutest pink teddy. Annabelle loves playing mommy!!!
- Can you say tired!!!...but happy and comfy.... ah, life on the couch with the two cuddliest kids ;0)...Who cares if I only had 2-3 hours of sleep.
- Thanks Trina for the warm homecoming...we're so blessed to have friends and neighbours like you... we missed you guys so much!
- a good roast beef dinner for the 2 month Petro vegetarians!!!!

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leblanmt said...

Bon retour! On se parle sous peu!!! xoxoxo

M, K et A.-S.