Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Day 1 - A good start!

Today began our first day of bonding. One down, 13 to go. Mlle O. was less timid today... In fact, she is quite fond of cuddling to my delight. We even managed to get a few smiles and a full laugh at one point. She is quite a serious little girl...and loves to play with blocs, much to Sven's delight. (Between the blocs and the doll...she chose the blocs!) We had a very good first visit... a great start according to Irina!

I had a hard time letting her go after the 2 hours. She is simply awed by Yannik and her eyes follow his every move....which makes him very happy. He is pretty taken with her as well. She seems a bit more timid with Sven since all she has really known so far are women. However, by the end of our visit, she was warming up to him and let him "stroll about" with her. She reminds me alot of Sven's side of the family...especially our nephew, Matthias!

Today was also day one of "school" with Yannik. I told Sven that perhaps I had missed my calling... I had lots of fun... and so did he. We practiced letters and numbers, read and began his travel journal. He is a pretty good student... even listened to me :)) He's alot more patient than his mom...that's for sure :))

It was another snowy day here... Feels like Christmas, without the decorations. Though Astana was "decked out" for the holidays, there is still no indications of it in Petro. We're told that they really celebrate New Year's eve. We therefore took it upon ourselves to begin decorating the apartment since we'll be here for a while. We might as well make ourselves at home and make it festive!!We made our first paper snowflakes ;0)) It's a start!

Can't wait to see the little one again tomorrow...


Philippe said...

Congrads Congrads Congrads! OMG are we ever happy for you!!!! Aisaule can't wait to meet her new friend! Gabriel is happy for Yannik! This is amazing! I'm sure holding this little treasure in your arms is just unreal! Sooooooooooo happy for you! Christmas came early this year!
PS Xhanara send me an e-mail thanks for being Santa for us!

Sheila said...

YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Dastan is so excited to hear there is going to be another Kaz cutie in town! We have 2 sweet boys and two beautiful girls now!!!! I can't wait to meet her!!CONGRATS to all FOUR of you!!!! Will be checking daily for up dates!!
Thanks so much for keeping me in the loop!!!
Take Care
Hugs to you all and lots of +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Fawn and Michael said...

Congratulations! We had followed your blog on your first trip and are happy to see you returned and have finally met your child!! We met our daughter, exactly one year ago, also on November 24th (in Karaganda)!! It is such an awesome experience! Wishing the rest of your trip goes smoothly and that you will be home with your daughter soon.

Fawn and Michael
(Adelyn born May 08 in Karaganda Kazakhstan)