Friday, November 27, 2009

Day 3 - Miss Cleopatra!!

Mlle O. appears to like the life of leisure. She's so funny. She is def. comfortable in my much so, that she just spreads out, head back, smiles and sighs...She waves her hand in the air and lies back... reminds us of Cleopatra!! She's a hoot. Actually, we think that she is just so happy to be held and to have someone take care of her. Today, she just wanted to cuddle. She was also alot more vocal...the most that we've heard of her. I just repeat her sounds and she beams...she probably thinks that I am now speaking Russian!! I wish. I did learn quite a bit of new Russian words. We brought a picture book with us and we pointed and told her each picture and repeated in Russian. She seemed to "get it". It's really funny to hear what each animal says in Russian...while I know the sounds in French and Sven in English. It must be quite a thing to overhear us - the tower of Babel!

Today was a muslim holiday...We headed out for our first outing at the Pizza House and it was packed full of families who were celebrating their holiday. Yannik had a great time playing with the other kids. He really seems to be adjusting well to everything and is taking everything in stride. Home schooling is going really well....He's eager to get going in the morning - good sign!

PS - the camping food is a hit! It's surprisingly really tasty.


Yael said...

Happy to hear things are progressing smoothly. I follow your blog daily, even if I do not leave messages everyday, it is a plesaure to read you and follow the process. We are still waiting to hear about travel dates...hopefully soon! Many hugs, Yael

Philippe said...

Your positive energy beams through your entries! Lynne

Sheila said...

Miss Cleopatra sounds like she like Dastan has a wonderful sense of humor and enjoys pampering!! So glad to hear all 4 of you are doing so well!! You sound so so relaxed and at ease. GREAT Things happen to those that wait!! We are leaving examples that miracles to happen. It will be wondeful getting our 4 Kaz cuties together.
Can't wait to hear more and to see pictures!!
Take Care