Friday, November 20, 2009

Visas have arrived!

We had a little scare this morning. Our visas had arrived, but Yannik's passport didn't have a visa. We panicked and began thinking of how to get ourselves to Ottawa to rectify the situation..but our concerns were quickly put at ease by CAFAC. Yannik's information (all in Russian of course) was on our visas. Phew....we let out the biggest sigh of relief.

We are pretty much all packed... a few more items to switch around and a few more last minute supplies to pick up.

We spend the entire day tomorrow at the Toronto airport and Sven's parents will be able to meet us there :))) We were pretty happy to get that news... We haven't seen his folks in a while... so it will be quite a special reunion.

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Philippe said...

So happy to read this entry! Glad you got the visa! Thought about you guys all day! It is all falling into place! In a few days you will have a daughter in your arms! We will be reading closely! Lynne, Philippe, Gabriel and Aisaule