Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 5 -Tickle Tickle Pappa

Sven discovered that the way to his daughter's heart may just be through tickling her silly. She was just laughing with delight. A small milestone for Sven!! She still doesn't want to be held by him...but laid her head on his lap - another milestone.!!

Mlle O. was all smiles today...lots of playing and cuddling. She sure loves the musical phone we had brought.... she was tapping her feet to the music! It feels like we have known her forever....can't believe it's only been 5 days. I'm always sad to see her march down the hall to her room...whereas she seems happy to go! Guess we're pretty much just kind people who play and then leave... Can't wait for her to realize that we would like to stick around for good!

Speaking of milestone... I had one this morning: baking in Kaz...with a stove that doesn't have temperature readings in F...just 1-6. I never managed to get it beyond 3...but the muffins were really yummy! I had asked Irina...they don't have muffins here - how I miss my whole grain raspberry muffin from Tim's! Mine were pretty good - we gobbled them up pretty quickly!!!


Michele said...

Yummy looking muffins!
So glad the bonding is going well, Mlle O must be a joy to hold, it will happen for you really soon Sven. The snow looks so foreign, not a flake here yet, and that's a 70 year old record broken.
Looking forward to the pictures of Mlle O but until then the photos of Petro and your 'tree' are delightful.

ethan said...

I have been following your blog since your trip this last summer. We adopted a baby girl this last April from the baby house in Petro and she is almost 18 months. I'm curious if your soon to be daughter and mine were in the same room? We spent a fair amount of time in her little "class" as our daughter was slow to warm up to us.
Mary Collier

Philippe said...

Looks like you are enjoying yourselves way more this time around!

Sheila said...

WOW,Martha Stewart has nothing on you, baking in Kaz, now that is adventurious.I stuck to stove top cooking or dinning out.or cup of soup and sandwhiches@!! Love ALL you pictures, the snow looks so beautiful and so are your decorations! Glad to hear Miss O is doing well. I just know she is a cutie and can't wait to see her.
Sounds like your son is doing very well, he must be happy to be a big brother! Keep the post coming and of course the pictures!
Take Care

Kim Moorhead said...

I am soooo happy for you guys!!!!!! Congratulations!!!
This is the best X-mas gift ever. Please tell Dr. Rimma we say hello!!!!! We miss her so much. I am not sure if the young caregiver ( in her 20s) is still there with glasses, her name was Irina and was Darya's main caregiver, could you say Hello!!!
Petro looks beautiful with all the snow!!!!!