Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day 4 - A Saturday date with our gal

The orphanage director is allowing us to continue bonding over the weekend, so we were able to go visit the little one today. I guess you could say that slow and steady wins the race according to Sven. She now lets him massage her shoulders and grins at him...but still won't let him hold her. She did "forget herself" today and sat on another boy....a much younger one ;0)) Yannik held her while we read to her.

She's picking up stuff really quickly. Seems to be a quick study...all good signs.

She's really happy in my arms...doesn't appear to be too interested in playing...just alot of cuddling...Guess I won't complain...she's a joy to hold...she just buries her head and smiles. She actually laughed quite a bit today and is babbling more.

She appears to be slowly gaining confidence in us one day at a time.

This morning, we finally had enough energy to get out for a stroll about town ;0) (jet lag has been plaguing us since our arrival). It was just so beautiful. O degree celcius and a bit of snow...We went to our favorite coffee shop and met up with the owner who was glad to see us... He speaks English and we had a great chat....We love it there.

Yannik and I also made progress on our Christmas tree ;0) The owner of the coffee shopw as telling us about the big party New Year's Eve in the square...a great time for families. There will be a huge pine tree, lights and rides....Can't wait.

We had to post pictures of the winter scene... I actually think that Petro is more beautiful in the has this serene feel to it. The people are yet again so stylish in their winter coats and hats...It's great to people watch.

So... until we can post some pictures of Mlle O...we'll just have to continue posting some of Petro...and of us... We can't wait to post some of her ;0)

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