Monday, November 16, 2009

Our travel dates

We're leaving this upcoming Saturday!!! Flights booked. We spend two nights in Astana before travelling to Petro on the following Tuesday. Irina is already waiting for us. She has promised Yannik to help him build a huge snowman.... He can't wait to see her!

Preparations have been quite challenging. We need to "shed some weight" as all of our suitcases are over the weight allowance at the present moment....oups! I never realized how much a sweater could actually weigh! One thing we weren't leaving without: our Canuck hats... as well as our Russian hats...We thought it fitting! We may look like goofy Canadians...but we'll be warm!

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Amanda said...

Wow so soon, we should also be traveling in winter we hear it COLD anyway safe travels and we cannot wait to follow part 2 of this amazing journey