Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 6 - Playmates!

I am sooooo happy to report that Sven has finally found himself a playmate!!!! Mlle. O has now assigned us our respective roles: I'm the cuddly one....and Sven is the entertainer. After cuddling with me for the first 45 minutes, she decided that Pappa was pretty funny himself and ventured towards him... and just flopped down and began to play with him and Yannik. I immediately backed away to see what would happen. She just looked at me a few times and then decided to have some fun.....YAHOOOOO!!!! I actually cried tears of joy... I think that this process is just a series of milestones that we will be experiencing with time...all in it's own time.

We received the translated medical report. Pretty much corresponds to what they had told us. She will still need to be checked out by a doctor in order to meet the Canadian immigration requirements since we are going the sponsorship route.

I ventured out by myself today...and began some Christmas shopping. We hear that Ded Moroz (Father Frost) is making his way to Petro... we need to be prepared ;0)) Yannik has begun "camping" next to the Christmas tree! We also went to a restaurant at the Tsum market. They gave Yannik some dough at the end of our meal for him to make whatever he wanted. He made a smily face and then they baked it. Not only was it really was pretty delicious and sweet too!

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sue and craig said...

Hi Everyone,

We are enjoying following you on your wonderful journey. We adopted our Kaz cutie in March and were in Almaty in the cold winter months too.

It sounds like the bonding is going wonderfully.

All the best,

Sue and Craig