Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Day 7 - Halfway mark!

Day 7 - Ups and Downs.

Ups: Mlle O. has finally warmed up to Sven ;0) She was all smiles when she saw him and immediately began playing with him. He even got to hold her for a little bit. She was more active than in the past few days. We brought her a little snack. Boy, did she reward us with a beaming smile for that one! She also ran into my arms numerous times for cuddling time...it's just heartwarming.

Downs: Perhaps a first taste of a little sibling rivalry....She was pretty interested in Yannik's DS....He was pretty generous I have to say...but then she attacked his drawing and his markers...We had to tell her "nyet" - no. She actually cried since this was the first time we've refused her something I think. As for Yannik, he has been amazing...but hey, he's 5 and needs a little "bonding time" himself ;0)). He was complaining that she had all of these toys and that he was bored and had nothing to do....First time he's really complained. We decided to cut short our visit by 15 minutes and had a snow fight with him outside. In any event, Mlle. O was feeling feverish and you could tell that she wanted to leave. Guess we were all a bit off today, but still managed to have a really nice visit.

We're pretty tired. This happend last summer too... the jet lag, missing the conveniences of home, friends and family... you kind of go into withdrawl... and then it passes. Going over the hump I guess. All in all, it is far easier than last time around....but boy, those upstairs neighbours who yell at all hours of the night are getting rather (pardon the pun) tiresome....

Finally...good news: The doctor from Almaty (with canadian credentials) is coming to visit Mlle O. this Wed....that's great!!! Sooner than we expected. It also marks our first outing with Mlle. O. We're meeting up with her at the airport...so Mlle. O. is going to travelling by car with us - can't wait to see her reaction!


Philippe said...

That is good news for the doctor! Sounds like you guys are begining to jell as a family - sibling rivalry and all! It seems to be going quit fast this time! I'm sure you guys like this better! So glad she is adopting her family! Lynne

Diane said...

Sounds like everything is going very well, rivalry and all. Hang on tight to Mlle O in the car, C's first car ride she "shut down" and did not move at all, she was scared for her life and rightfully so :-) !!!

I am so very ahppy for all 4 of you!


Sheila said...

Oh, How I remember it well! Dastan and XiuZhu's first encounter and it was then I knew they had bonded as sister and brother!!We use to take a DVD player with us or her leapster (all things that were not here but more often in Kaz!) with us to the sessions. When she had enough she would curl up into the chair and do her own thing. It really helped us all. Sometimes we all got a bit bored in the sometimes small rooms. Sounds like you are having the same doc as us, she is wonderful! I really liked her and found her very honest and good at her exam.
I love your posts and fell like I am almost there again when I read them. It is a bit of a different journey when you have another child, so much to think of and another little person with real emotions. ALl in all it sounds as those big brother is handling his new postion very well!!
Sending lots of +++++++++++++++++++++++ your way!!
Take Care

leblanmt said...

Merci pour toutes les mises à jour! C'est comme si on y était! J'ai bien hâte de voir Mlle O! Elle a l'air magnifique. Continuez à nous donner des nouvelles, ok?

M, K et AS xox